Hashtags – the tag prefaced with # – are used to aggregate information from different people. Tags are key words used to organize information. They’re like the ingredients on a label.

On a blog or Flickr, you can give your uploads a ‘tag’ or keyword. which is like a keyword. These are often recycled into personal or collective wordclouds. On Flickr you can assign up to 75 tags to each item.

Tags are the new school upgrade to the old Dewey Decimal Classification.

Tags are clickable. Click one and it will take you to other photos tagged with the same word. Using hashtags is one way to make yourself more available to be followed by others.

Is there a way to find out what certain hashtags mean? Check out http://tagdef.com


Artwork / Cue Yourself
Tin Cans, 2008

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Preview: Responsible Travel Week #rtweek18

Just Add Water Street #JAWSNV


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