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Indigenous Peoples Week Questions

Poster: #IPW7

Planeta.com’s seventh annual celebration of social web storytelling about Indigenous peoples and tourism around the world — Indigenous Peoples Week takes place August 7-13 (Monday-Sunday).

Some of the questions we are asking:

What is the status of Indigenous tourism in 2017?

Spanish: ¿Cuál es la situación del turismo indígena en 2017?

Portuguese: Qual é o status do turismo indígena em 2017?

German: Was ist der Status des indigenen Tourismus im Jahr 2017?

Swedish: Vad är statusen för inhemsk turism år 2017?

Judy Karwacki British Columbia is a leader in indigenous tourism development in Canada, led by Aboriginal Tourism BC. Since AtBC first launched the Aboriginal tourism Blueprint Strategy over 10 years ago, indigenous tourism businesses in BC have increased by 85%. These enterprises now support 3,300 full-time positions. Over the next five years, AtBC expects that with the help of industry partners and a renewed focus that by 2022, Aboriginal cultural tourism in BC will welcome 2.2 million visitors and generate $1.5 billion in spending on trips adding an Aboriginal experience per year. For more information, check the AtBC news page https://www.aboriginalbc.com/corporate/news. There are many useful reports and studies on the AtBC site too https://www.aboriginalbc.com/…/operational-plans-and…
Judy Karwacki In Canada, there is significant progress in the growth of the indigenous tourism sector. The #AboriginalTourismOfAssociation led by a strong team including CEO Keith Henry, COO #CaseyVandenHeuvel and Marketing Director Dené Sinclair has secured partnership resources, from the federal and provincial governments and other strategic partners, to implement a five-year plan built around four strategic pillars – leadership, partnerships, development, and marketing. For more information, check ATAC’s corporate news site which details recent achievements https://aboriginalcanada.ca/corporate/news/. Also check the documents page for many useful reports https://aboriginalcanada.ca/corporate/documents/

How do you define and use the terms Aboriginal, Indigenous, Native, Tribal … ?

Spanish: ¿Cómo define y usa los términos aborigen, indígena, nativo, tribal …?

Portuguese: Como você define e usa os termos Aborígine, Indígena, Nativa, Tribal …?

German: Wie definieren und verwenden Sie die Begriffe Aboriginal, Indigenous, Native, Tribal …?

Swedish: Hur definierar du och använder termerna Aboriginal, In native, Native, Tribal …?



How friendly is the International Year of Sustainable Tourism to Indigenous peoples?

Spanish: ¿Qué tan amigable es el Año Internacional del Turismo Sostenible para los Pueblos Indígenas?

Portuguese: Quão amigável é o Ano Internacional do Turismo Sustentável para os povos indígenas?

German: Wie freundlich ist das Internationale Jahr des Nachhaltigen Tourismus für indigene Völker?

Swedish: Hur vänligt är det internationella året för hållbar turism till ursprungsbefolkningen?

Is there an analogue to GarmaNAIDOC or TeMatatini in the USA? 

Spanish: ¿Hay un análogo a GarmaNAIDOCTeMatatini en los Estados Unidos?

What are some examples of Indigenous tourism you’ve experienced as a visitor and would recommend?

Spanish: ¿Cuáles son algunos ejemplos de turismo indígena que has experimentado como visitante y lo recomendarías?

Swedish: Vilka är några exempel på inhemsk turism du har upplevt som besökare och skulle rekommendera?



Indigenous Peoples Week #ipw7

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