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Monday-Thursday evening (10pm east coast Australia, 5am Las Vegas) conversations spanning the globe with Phillip Adams.

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About the program: Affectionately known as ‘the little wireless program’, Late Night Live has been presented by Phillip Adams for a record breaking 25 years. He says, and many an envious broadcaster and journalist agrees, ‘I’ve got the best job in Australian media.’ That’s because the little program isn’t so little, casting the widest net in wireless, gathering its guests and topics from around the planet—the best and the brightest discussing history, current affairs and the world’s most challenging ideas. Adding even more interest, the program’s style is famously friendly, good humoured and irreverent. Listen and you’ll learn why Phillip calls his listeners ‘gladdies’ and ‘poddies’.

Eva Cox is still trying to change the world
44:00 Relearn society, community
46:30 Pale male stale version
47:00 The feminized has to be about picking up the feminized side of things and see that they are as important … Value the soft skills the relationships, the societies, the arts not because they have financial value but because they make us feel good …
48:00 We can start valuing what a society looks like, not an economy

The genius of Indigenous languages@RachNordlinger

Chasing butterflies



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Listening is active @DavidjHendy on Late Night Live http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/latenightlive/broadcasting-history/6991140 … @RadioNational @LNLonRN @PhillipAdams_1

I don’t mean to interrupt
I’m sorry to interrupt you
Many, many years ago …
heavens above
remind the listener
You’re too young to remember
Would you explain to an aged broadcaster …
Always amused me

Late Night Live
Phillip Adams


ABC Radio National (Australia)



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