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LINES in the SAND North Stradbroke Island, Queenslandlinesinthesand.com.au — is an eco ephemeral arts festival held in June – bringing together art, ecology, culture and country.

LINES in the SAND stands as a premier contemporary arts and environment festival; one that is relevant to a local and global audience, celebrates the ecological significance of North Stradbroke Island and contributes to a sustainable nature-based tourism.

The inaugural event happened in 2011 at a time of great change for the island with state government announcements about native title determinations, national parks and the phasing out of sand mining. It is a festival of art made for, with and about the environment.

The festival embraces locals and visitors, nature and art lovers, families, Indigenous and non-Indigenous art and culture. Ephemeral art works are installed in beautiful island settings.

Artists conduct workshops that engage people’s natural creativity and the festival itself hosts forums, presentations and conversations about art, culture and ecology.


The Wishing Tree from Lisa Behan

LINES in the SAND North Stradbroke Island, 2013 @LINESintheSAND1







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