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Marlene Ehrenberg Enríquez is a Mexican pioneer in the development of responsible travel and ecotourism. Her mantra: Promover Protegiendo.

Starting her work in tourism in the 1968 Olympic games, Marlene has more than 40 years of experience in designing and organizing trips that are bespoke and out of the ordinary. She has a mastery of English, German, French and Italian languages. Her business – “Rebozo” was founded in pursuit of excellence demanded by responsible, conscious ecotourism.

Marlene’s love of Mexico’s extraordinary culinary traditions and flavors has been shared thousands of times through your thoughtful interactions with visitors.

Marlene offers unique routes coinciding with the calendar of popular Mexican festivals. She connects visitors to artisans, musicians, dancers and cooks. She is passionate fan of the aromas and flavors of Mexico and a lifelong proponent of the respect and conservation of Mexico’s unique biodiversity.

Marlene brings a deep knowledge of the history and living peoples at the archaeological sites throughout the country. She is well-connected to the country’s prestigious museums and curators.

Marlene works with a trusted network of local hosts, guides, transportation and specialized services and she is able to handle groups of all kinds.

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mobile in Mexico City: (52 ) 1 55 2692 3545
Office: (5255) 5550 9080

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Colibri Ecotourism Award


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