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Informe = State of the nation document presented by Mexico’s president on September 1. The oral message is a private affair that takes place a day or two later.

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  • Is the Informe available online? = ¿El informe está disponible en línea?
  • Is the Informe translated in other languages? = ¿El informe está traducido en otros idiomas?
  • For those who want to better understand the achievements of this past administration in terms of environmental conservation and tourism, what reports and recaps are available? =Para aquellos que desean comprender mejor los logros de esta administración pasada en términos de conservación ambiental y turismo, ¿qué informes y resúmenes están disponibles?


(Rough translation)
First Government Report, from the National Palace. Sunday, September 1, 2019. President AMLO.

In National Palace, we render the First Government Report in which we explain how we have executed the policy in the Fourth Transformation. This is the third time we report to the people of Mexico.

There is much achieved in pursuit of the ideals of honesty, justice, legality and democracy. With what was achieved in just nine months, it would be enough to show that we are experiencing a regime change. This has not been nor will be more of the same.

A genuine regeneration of the public life of the country is under way with little confrontation and without political violence. Most Mexicans support us and are happy.

We inform about the actions that we carry out to make effective the fulfillment of the responsibility of the State to promote national development and redistribute income equally.

We believe that the ultimate goal is to achieve people’s happiness. Economic growth, increases in productivity and competitiveness, do not make sense as objectives in themselves, but are means to achieve the material and soul welfare of the population.

Nine months of government, in five out of 10 homes, support from the ‘Comprehensive Welfare Programs’ is coming. In indigenous communities they receive them in nine homes and before the end of this year, everyone will have at least one of the benefits.

The essence of our economic proposal is to convert honesty and austerity into a way of life and government. In a sentence, the plan of the new government is to end corruption and impunity.

The new productive policy consists of four fundamental actions: strengthen the popular economy, promote projects for regional development, encourage the participation of private initiative and promote the intensification of foreign trade and the acquisition of foreign investment.

We highlight the separation between economic power and political power. We recognize that entrepreneurs cooperate with greater social commitment: they invest, create jobs, accept reasonable profits and pay their contributions.

We are rescuing the field of abandonment. This sector is much more than land for agricultural and forestry production. It has strategic importance and there is a healthy way of life, full of moral and spiritual values. Returning to the countryside means strengthening a cultural identity of the highest human quality.

We announced the projects for regional development that we execute with strict adherence to sustainability criteria. Let us endorse that they will improve the education and health systems.

The decrease in crime incidence is our main challenge. We are persevering and we are sure that we will pacify the country with the coordinated work of the entire government. We will close ranks so as not to allow the contubernio between delinquency and authorities.

We do not want the legitimate protests or claims of citizens to disappear. There are those who oppose true change and are nervous or even out of their mind. They have not been able to form a group or faction with the strength of the reactionaries of other times. They are morally defeated.

We are optimistic, without loosening the step because power is humility and duty, and we have no right to fail. It is a great joy to live in these times to serve Mexico.


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