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Rolling news from Mexico in 2019

El Chapo’s final chapter@ioangrillo
La industria cultural, un sector agraviado en México – El Financiero@VekaDuncan

“Mexico has regained confidence in itself”
“México ha recuperado la confianza en sí mismo”


  • What is the tourism plan of the new government? = ¿Cuál es el plan en turismo del nuevo gobierno?

For a country with as much and as deep culture as Mexico, investing in culture should be a priority. We also need to find ways of exploring and explaining these cultures in multiple languages, particularly as Mexico attracts so many visitors from around the world. It would also be interesting in this International Year of Indigenous Languages if we could find more translations and original works from Indigenous peoples.



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El Foco

1519 – 2019

National Emergency 2019

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