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Red Mexicana de Ecoturismo (Mexico Ecotourism Network)


From the archives

From 1999-2013 Planeta sponsored the Red Mexicana de Ecoturismo (Mexico Ecotourism Network) to focus attention on responsible travel and ecotourism in Mexico. This has been a successful experiment in 1) bridging events that take place online and in the natural world and 2) encouraging creative collaboration.

The early meetings took place in Mexico City and drew participants from various stakeholder groups — tour operators, environmental groups, academia and government.

Natural World
Some of our meetings, such as internet workshops, tourism fairs, Oaxaca Options, and other co-branded events take place in physical space.

Virtual World
Planeta’s main work takes place in the virtual world. We hosted the 2000 ecotourism conference Re-Imagining Mexico part of a larger regional dialogue Reimagining Ecotourism in the Americas.

Elsewhere on the Web
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Red Mexicana de Ecotourismo/Mexico Ecotourism Network: Mexico City Internet Workshop: March 7, 2000



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Colibri Ecotourism Award


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