Mexico Slang


Here are some of our faves (in alphabetical order):
A poco
Chula / chulo
Ni modo
Qué onda?
Qué poca madre


Spanish English
Adios Can mean ‘Hi!’ when the person does not have time to stop and chat
Aguas Water, also ‘watch out!’
A hueso, A huevo Definitely, undoubtedly
Alboroto Uproar, racket
A poco No?!
Berrinche To throw a fit
Berrinchuda/o Grumpy
Bicho raro Strange
Ándale! Let’s go
Así de fácil Easy; Piece of cake
Cachetona/o Chubby-cheeked
Carnal Friend, brother
Celia Cruz Sugar
Como el viento a Juárez It won’t even touch you
Conchudo Sly, impudent
Chacuaco Smokestack (Fumas como un chacuaco)
Chamaco Boy
Chamba Work
Chamuco Devil
Changarro Small shop or workplace
Chela Beer
Chido Cool
Chinguiñas Eye gunk
Chiripada Fluke
Chivas Things
Chula / Chulo Attractive
Clásico Classic
Codo Stingy, cheapskate
Cuate Buddy, mate
Cuche, cuchi Pig
Cuentachiles Bean counter
De Panzazo Barely Passing
De tocho morocho A bit of everything
Dicharachero Someone who uses a lot of proverbs (dichos)
Échale ganas! Make your best effort
Escuincle Kid
Esencial Essential
Estoy harto I am fed up
Fodonga Slob (Soy fandonga y qué?)
Frijolito (frio) Cold
Fuaaa Go for it
Gabacho Foreigners, particularly American (from the USA)
Generación Generation (used by alumni)
Golfo/a Prostitute
Gorrón A person who regularly takes advantage of others, parasite
Guácala! Gross
Güey Man, dude
Higado Nemesis
Híjole! Oops, whoa
Lonja Love handles; thick slab of meat or fish
Malograrse Echarse a perder “se malogro el coche
Mañana Not today
Marmota Paper mache sphere
Maulla A cat that meows a lot
Me hice bolas I got confused
Merolico (ipadio)
Metiche (also see meque)
Milpa Corn field
No mames Don’t play me (don’t fuck me)
No manches No way (polite way of saying ‘No mames’)
Ni modo Anyway, Oh well; I give up
Ojalá I hope so, literally ‘May God will it’ (wiki)
Órale! Yes, right on (said with great enthusiasm)
Orange Yes
Qué onda? What’s up?
Palero Wingman
Patria Country
Pedo Trouble, drunk, fart
Pendejo asshole (as an insult)
Petatearse to die (wraped in a straw mat)
Pinche Assistant
Poli Police official
Pollo Boyfriend, girlfriend, partner
Plebe Mob
Prórroga Extension
Puente Bridge, 3-day weekend, bank holiday
Que milagro Meaning: I have not seen you for some time
Regatear To bargain
Regatona Bargainer (used as a criticism, rarely face to face)
Reventón/pachanga Crazy party
Salado Unlucky
Sangrón Arrogant, idiot
Si Dios quiere, Si Dios manda If God wills
Tiznada Marked by ash (vete a la tiznada, chingada) curse word
Tope Speed bump
Vieja Woman, partner, wife
Viene-Viene Parking attendants on public streets, also known as franeleros
Ya llovió It’s been some time

Cuida tu Planeta, No Cantamines, NO MANCHES!
English: Take care of your planet. Don’t pollute. No way!
It’s not an itacate if you don’t take your food

Sep 16 Cuida tu Planeta


Diego 10
Ventilador 20
Ciego 100
Milanesa 1,000

Ábrete Sésamo – Open Sesame
pipope rather than poblano (pinche poblano pendejo)
calambre – charlie horse
Machincuepa = Summersault
xocoyote = youngest, most spoiled child
que pachuca con tigres (que paso con tigo?) – what happened to you?
voy tirar el miedo (voy a orinar) – I have to pee
Poquito por que es bendito = Just a little for it’s holy.
Tarugo = Idiot; blockhead
Sale vale =
A ojo de buen cubero =

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Gasolinazo = Fuel price hike

Gasolinazo = Fuel price hike






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