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Mexico City’s Barrio Tourism

Photo: Chapultepec Park

New initiative from Mexico City Tourism: Turismo de Barrio = Barrio Tourism

Barrio Tourism is a window to the identity and true essence of Mexico City. It is a maximum recognition of our roots, our culture, the dedication and effort of each and every one of the inhabitants of this wonderful city. It presents the other side of the city that over the years, houses the intangible cultural heritage, what we do not see, but makes the ordinary extraordinary: the “neighborhood.”

Barrio Tourism goes beyond the borders that divide our traditions, to relive the taste for the traditional that becomes increasingly rich and richer because of its uniqueness, it is everything that will never be found elsewhere, that which you It makes seeing the simplest in art, appreciate the folklore of our streets, houses and families, is to appreciate the small wonders that our city has.

The neighborhood is beauty, culture, tradition, creative capacity, gastronomic richness, and hospitality; The neighborhood is all of us.

Questions = Preguntas

  • Any tips for visitors on making the most of barrio tourism? = ¿Algún consejo para los visitantes sobre cómo aprovechar al máximo el turismo de barrio?
  • What would locals like visitors to know about their Mexico City neighborhood? = ¿Qué les gustaría que la gente local quisiera que los visitantes supieran sobre su vecindario de la Ciudad de México?


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