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Nitmiluk National Park

Photo: Andrew Purdam, 17 Mile Falls

Nitmiluk National Park is in Australia’s Northern Territory, 244 kilometers southeast of Darwin, around a series of gorges on the Katherine River and Edith Falls. Around 270,000 people visit Nitmiluk National Park each year and the tourism sector is a major employer of Jawoyn people, who are custodians of the park.

The northern edge borders Kakadu National Park. The gorges and the surrounding landscape have great ceremonial significance to the local Jawoyn people. In Jawoyn, Nitmiluk means “place of the cicada dreaming.”

Walkers have plenty of trails to choose from and waterfalls to see, but the ultimate trek is the 62 kilometer Jatbula Trail.

A 1978 land claim sparked a bitter dispute with some non-Indigenous Katherine residents who believed the gorge, then known as Katherine Gorge, would be closed off. Instead tourism at Nitmiluk National Park has since flourished, and the gorge and surrounding area is one of the most popular places for visitors to see in the territory. (ABC News)

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