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Nevada: Tourism Means More

Snapshots of tourism in Nevada

2016 Talking Points

Tourism Means More Talking Points
 Travel and tourism continues to be Nevada’s leading industry:
 Las Vegas experienced record breaking attendance for the this year in a row with 42.9 million visitors in CY16
 Travel is a $65.8 billion industry in Nevada.
 Nevada’s travel industry generated $3.3 billion in state and local tax revenue in 2016, representing more than one-fourth of all state and local tax revenues in Nevada
 Nevada’s travel industry supported 492,300 Nevada jobs in 2016, a 1 percent increase over 2015 accounting for approximately 29 percent of the state’s workforce.
 The state has realized increased traveler visits year-over-year through:
 Rural marketing grant programs totaling $1.4 million
 Aggressive marketing and public relations campaigns
 Comprehensive and interactive social media campaigns
 63 percent of people in-market are exposed to a TravelNevada advertisement, owned page/image, social media chatter or article/stories/blogs
 Of that, 68 percent said they are extremely likely to visit Nevada overnight in the future
 The travel and tourism industry continues to grow:
 Visitor numbers for state and nearby national parks is up 8.8 percent
 TravelNevada’s marketing support has helped increase airlift to northern Nevada by five flights in FY 2015/2016, and at least three additional planned flights for FY 2016/2017
 All factors contribute to an enhanced quality of life for all Nevadans
 For every $1 that TravelNevada spends on marketing and advertising, it generates $75 in local and state tax revenue
 The benefits are not limited to metropolitan areas – Elko saw a 22 percent room tax revenue increase from 2011 to 2013 and has remained at a steady increase of 9 percent over the last four years
 TravelNevada is one of the only state entities to generate money for the General Fund each year without drawing any money off of it

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