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2007 Rural Tourism Fair

Photo: Rogelio Ballesteros Castro, Feria de Turismo Rural

About 200 people attended the world’s largest small event, the 2007 Rural Tourism Fair which took place Saturday, January 27, 2007.

About the fair
A small festival among friends, the 2007 Rural Tourism Fair was the seventh annual tourism fair created by Planeta.com and friends in Oaxaca City. The event took place Saturday, January 27 at Instituto Amigos del Sol.

The fair highlights rural tourism and brings together inspired travelers, local travel providers, community leaders, media, academics and students for a few magical hours. The annual event provides opportunities for dialogue among travelers and locals about ways to explore the rural countryside.

Visitors had direct access to more than 20 exhibitors, including local tour operators, community representatives and artisans who shared information about specific tours and community visits.

Paper Recycling – A hands-on workshop for kids of all ages (Blackbox)
Tamazulapan – Learn how rural tourism in the Mixteca is being developed (Tamazulapan)
Water Conservation – Lessons on building dry toilets in rural communities and conserving water in city hotels (Marlene Ehrenberg and Ron Sawyer)
Walk with the weavers – Teotitlán’s community museum invites you to join weaver-led tours (Teotitlan weavers)
Mezcaltourism – Visit agave fields and and mezcal factories (Graciela de Real Minero)

VIP guests included Colibri Award winners Marlene Ehrenberg and Fernando Garcia Aguinaco and AMTAVE President Wendy Hesketh. More notable visitors: May Shehab and Mina Girgis, David Agren, Lucero Topete, Luz Ojeda Chávez, Katrina Ruiz Geda, Gustavo Fricke, Katie Pope, Alberto Toriz Roldán, David Sutherland, Ulises Ortega Toledo and Norma Vargas González.

The Rural Tourism Fair welcomes local, national and foreign visitors. Admission is free. We asked participants to fill out a survey and help themselves to delicious tamales!

For visitors attending from out of town, Oaxaca has many fine places to stay. Hotels near the fair include Casa de la Tia Tere, Casa de los Sabores, Las Bugambilias, La Reja and Las Mariposas. A little further away is Casa Arnel which has been a big supporter of the fair.

Oaxacan cuisine is world famous. Many of Oaxaca City restaurants showcase the best of regional favorites. Check out our directory of where to eat.

Those who wish to exhibit rural tourism services were asked to fill out an application.

Registered for the event were Academic Tours, Arte y Tradición Efigenia Nabor, Bicicletas Pedro Martinez, Blackbox, Carlos Rivera, Casa de la montaña, Centro de Arte Textil Zapoteco, Expediciones Sierra Norte, GTC Tours, Enrique Matadamas Hernández, Angela Mendoza, Museo Comunitario de Teotitlán del Valle, Olla Solar, Rancho Buenavista, Rebozo Tours, Restaurante Caldo de Piedra, Restaurante Donaji, Sarar Transformación, Tradex, Traditions Mexico, Viajes Pantanos de Centla and Natividad Estela Zárate López, Zonabici.

A directory of participants was distributed at the event.

One of the objectives of the fair was to collect new information to revise features on this website. Look for updated features on Planeta.com, including revised directories of artisans in craft towns.

A week after the fair Ron Mader reviewed the fair in Lessons from Mexico, a presentation at the 2007 Business Development Symposium in Sydney, Australia.

In town special kudos and warm thanks to Amate Books for funding the posters that announced the event. Also to Casa Arnel for providing lodging for our out-of-town speakers and to Casa Crespo for hosting a press conference.

Warm thanks go to Despacharte, El Arte Oaxaqueño, Las Mariposas, Corazon del Pueblo, Kiosko, La Reja, Oaxaca Lending Library, Nuevo Mundo and others.

Elsewhere on the Web, thanks to Amtave, Go Oaxaca, Banderas News, Transitions Abroad, TravelMole, Development Gateway, Oaxaca Streets Shops, Pacific Coast of Mexico, ECOCLUB, Si Mexico, North American Mountain Forum, Olor a mi Tierra, En Amor Arte de Oaxaca, IMAC, The Herald, green-travel, Tamazulapan.org and TravelMole (again!).

Among our friends who helped out as official greeters were Geraldine Pochon and Ilan Helman from Hostel Pochon, Florencio Moreno from Academic Tours, Fernando Garcia Aguinaco, Valentina, Stan Gotlieb and Diana Ricci, Glen and Flora Strachen.

Feria de Turismo Rural 2007

Registro 2007




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