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Tourism in Protected Areas Conference #patourism17

Poster: Aivar Ruukel, #PaTourism17

September 14-15 Tourism in Protected Areas Conference (Konverents “Turism kaitsealadel”)
Location: Pärnu, Estonia
Hashtag: #PAtourism17

This conference focuses on the tourism collaboration and networks in and around protected areas.

Among the questions the conference asks:
– how can tourism support well-being of local people?
– how can tourism support nature conservation, heritage, biodiversity preservation?

Pre-conference and post-conference tours are organized for international participants.

Presentations will include case studies:
– Nemunas Delta Regional Park, Lithuania – Monika Dobrovolskytė
– Hossa National Park, Finland – Matti Tapaninen
– Gauja National Park Tourism Cluster, Latvia – Andris Klepers
– EUROPARC, network of Europe’s Protected Areas – Kaja Lotman
– Tourism in protected areas of Estonia – Leelo Kukk, Environmental Board
– Visitor Management of Estonian State Forest Management Centre and opportunities for cooperation with tourism companies
– The role of Protected Areas in Estonias tourism marketing, Estonian Tourist Board
– Protected areas and sustainable development in tourism policy of Estonia -Annika Anton, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Organizers of conference:
Tipu Nature School www.tipulooduskool.ee – Dagmar Hoder , dagmar.hoder@gmail.com
Soomaa Tourism NGO www.visitsoomaa.com – Aivar Ruukel , aivar@soomaa.com


What would locals like visitors to know about Estonia? = Mida kohalikud nagu külastajat teada Eestis?
What would locals like visitors to know about Sooma National Park and nearby communities? = Mida kohalikud nagu külastajat teada Soomaa rahvuspark ja lähedal kogukondade?

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