Planeta has received numerous kudos and awards.


ECOCLUB – Significantly advanced the cause of ecotourism

Outside – Virtual vanguard

GORP – Ron Mader has a vision of smaller, environmentally friendly, genuinely engaging programs that directly benefit local communities. Call it ecotourism. GORP calls it a lot more fun and interesting.

March 2007 is featured as one of the ‘Sustainable Tourism’s 50 top global movers and shakers’ in Totem Tourism’s 2007 Sustainable Tourism Report.

December 2006 Honorary Lifetime Member
ECOCLUB presents Ron Mader with Honorary Lifetime membership. “We would like to thank those eco personalities who have significantly advanced the cause of Ecotourism through their work.” Details< Bruce Whipperman, Oaxaca Handbook 2004
“Oaxaca has become an ecotourism center partly because of the dedication of Ron Mader, founder and moving force behind the superb website. Log on and you’ll find virtually everything you need to know.”


November 2004 Planeta for the People
“This site is a solid resource for people who want to be engaged with the local people and the environment when they travel … Check it out. At the very least it might offer you a different way of thinking about how to take your next vacation..”

Men’s Journal
August 2004
PLANETA.COM — Top 100 Websites! “The only travel site of its size devoted exclusively to eco-travel, for those who prefer their adventures green.”

“Developed in 1994 as a reporter’s notebook (a forerunner of today’s ‘blog’), helped pioneer online environmental and tourism reporting.”

PLANETA.COM — A comprehensive site that provides information on travel books, eco forums, special reports and other musings on the green scene.”

Mexico Silver Lens Award
April 2002
Ron Mader is now a two-time winner of the “Silver Lens” Award presented for best Mexico travel website from President Vicente Fox.

New York Times
March 24, 2002 TRAVEL
“PLANETA.COM — Articles (many in Spanish) and discussions about eco-tourism. Book reviews and trip planning. Links to local news reports and tour companies. Run by Ron Mader, a journalist.”Family Travel Files
Ron Mader, founder and mastermind for the website, has compiled a 2002 Ecotourism Resource Guide to make finding the authentic “real” earth friendly places, companies and people easier. His effort runs in tandem with the official United Nations “International Year of Ecotourism.” In our research we have found that is the best source for truthful accurate information about earth friendly tourism practices worldwide. In addition to the comprehensive resource, guide they also host a variety of web-based forums focused on responsible tourism practices.

Green Money Journal
December 2001/January 2002 EXPLORING ECOTRAVEL OPTIONS
One of the best online resources for all things ecotravel, contains so much information you’ll probably never read it all. Organized into easy to navigate subject areas for destinations, resources, advertising, and news, this site is a must visit for anyone concerned with responsible travel. Planeta also holds online conferences and partners with organizations concerned with travel in the Americas… For an idea on how thoroughly Planeta covers the subject, check out their pages on family travel and advice on picking a responsible tour operator. Ecotravel with the little ones can be challenging, but Planeta includes information especially for kids

Washington Post
June 10, 2001: Right Click
The term “ecotourism” has become so overused that it’s almost meaningless. Enter, a rare authority on genuine eco-tours and advice. Planeta includes trip reports — everything from sea kayak voyages to birdwatching tours — as well as sections that stretch the definition of eco-travel, such as cybercafe listings and studying Spanish in Latin America.

Latin Trade
May 2000: Cybersurf
Latin Trade awards’s content, design, navigation and overall quality as “clickworthy!” “If you are planning on a jungle or cloud forest adventure in Latin America, this site will answer most of your questions before you leave. It is an archive of information for tourists and researchers alike on environmental issues and eco travel.”

Internet Travel Planner
Michael Shapiro: The Internet revolution has made it much easier for one person with a mission to promote a worthy cause. Ron Mader does this with Planeta, which focuses on sustainable tourism. Planeta is a deep resource and growing.

Conservation International
April 2000: Highly Commended Status, Ecotourism Excellence Award
“The ecotourism revolution is inextricably linked with the information revolution. As in all industries, the internet will play an ever increasing role in the evolution of responsible tourism. Ron Mader has shown how effectively that can be done. After completing his master’s thesis on ecotourism issues in Costa Rica, Mader, a budding journalist, started a newsletter on ecotourism that quickly evolved into a web-based version. The idea was to educate foreign and domestic travelers on nature travel in Latin America. Today, is not only one of the most popular ecotourism websites for tourists, it is influencing how ecotourism itself is being shaped. Operators, researchers, regulators and activists use as a clearinghouse on environmental issues, biodiversity, indigenous concerns – all the disparate elements of ecotourism. Nor has Mader dropped his personal, non-electronic involvement, with a busy schedule of workshops, seminars and lectures on ecotourism.”

Conference of Latin Americanist Geographers
January 2000: First recipient of the Private Sector and Government Award in recognition of contributions to enhancing and disseminating knowledge of the geography of Latin America through the internet.

Trips Magazine

December 1999 Issue: Internet Travel: Best of the Web – 50 Most Valuable Travel Sites:Focusing on sustainable tourism in Latin America, Planeta is a deep resource (8,000 pages and growing) that includes a directory of ecologically aware tour operators.

Texas Memorial Museum
Our Staff Recommends:
Doing as much research in Mexico as I do, I find myself frequently directing these people to, where Ron Mader, a graduate of the Masters in Latin American Studies Program here at UT, maintains a huge diversity of links to all kinds of information about eco-tourism. A very useful and informative site. – Dean Hendrickson, Curator, Ichthyology

April 1999 – Wins “Lente de Plata” award from Mexico’s Tourism Secretariat (SECTUR)
Mexico selects as best travel website and Ron shakes hands with the President Zedillo.

Ron Mader has devoted his life to changing the face of tourism in Latin America. Away with industrial tourist resorts. Instead he has a vision of smaller, environmentally friendly, genuinely engaging programs that directly benefit local communities. Call it ecotourism. GORP calls it a lot more fun and interesting … Says Ron, “One of the reasons I created is that conventional media offers us a diet of stereotypical reporting. Mexico is either a land of polluting maquiladoras or a land of sunshine and white sand beaches. The truth is always a mix of opposite realities but try to convince a city editor of that.”

Yahoo Internet Life
4 Stars – The journey of a thousand miles can begin with a single Web page. If your goal lies south of the U.S. border, start at PLANETA, the premier ecotravel resource for Latin America. Resources include a frequently updated index of Environmental Travel Providers and Destinations, and personal travel reports. It’s the treasure of the Sierra Madre.

PC Computing
December 1996: Selected as one of the best 1,001 websites. “With more than 2 million Web Sites out there it’s hard to find the good stuff… Our editors and Internet experts spent months combing the Web to compile this guide to the best sites for business, home, and recreation.”

Electronic Green Journal
June 1996: Provides environmental news and information for the conscientious traveler.

The Arid Lands Newsletter
May 1996: The U.S.-Mexico Borderlands Guide: “Essential if your interests include borderlands environmental issues.”

EPA Internet Newsbrief
January 1996: “Mr. Mader presents a compilation of ‘resources’ for green travelers that includes lists of publishers, travel companies, tourism offices, contacts, Spanish language schools, tapes, recipes and book reviews. A section on environmental trade and technologies has just been introduced.”

May 1995: El Planeta Platica features pieces in an entertaining vein, including articles like “Cycling in the World’s Largest City” and recipes for traditional dishes such as gazpacho andaluz and fried plaintains…

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