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Reisepavillon created a face to face platform (1991-2010) that brought together tourism businesses and nature conservationists, the interests of holiday regions and the wishes of their guests. And thus sets the standard for the business sector. When applied to tourism, sustainable practices take account of the ecological and the economic and socio-cultural functions and consequences.

What started back in 1991 as a small circle has developed within a few years to a unique travel fair for quality-conscious customers and operators. All sorts of specialist forums offer in-depth information and partnership opportunities for travel professionals .

20th Anniversary Celebration
In 2010 the congress takes place April 22-24 in the German federal capital of Berlin. The informative and innovative event puts its ethics into practice. The venue facilitates networking among the varied protagonists of sustainable tourism. This year’s congress includes the following events:

  • Launch at the Federal Press Office on April 22 involving prominent guests from tourism and politics;
  • Specialist conference from April 23-25 at the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft’s Harnack-Haus
  • Examination and discussion of tourism issues in the light of current political processes and ecological challenges (biodiversity, climate change, World Natural Heritage sites, and education for sustainable development);
  • Close cooperation with proven and new partners, especially education providers;
  • Use of diverse small and large group formats;
  • Opportunities to use the adjacent ‘Info Exchange’;
  • Linkage with the forum anders reisen annual general meeting;
  • Integration of international NGOs and network and working groups that are orientated to sustainable tourism.

Preliminary Program!

Thursday 22.04.2010
Location: Federal Press Office
11.00 – 13.00 clock
DRV goes green: Ecotrophea, counter green, Futouris
Organized by the German Travel Association
14.-22.00 clock

  • Opening of the Jubilee Pavilion Travel
    Greetings by representatives from politics, business and NGOs.
    Looking back at 20 years and the future of sustainable travel
  • Tourism and Climate
    Keynote speeches and panel discussion
    Achim Steiner / Director of UNEP, Klaus Läpple / President of the German Travel Association, Connie Hedegaard / Commissioner-designate, and Dr. Norbert Röttgen / Federal Environment
  • Wadden Heritage in Focus
    Evening Reception “Opening of the Wadden Sea exhibition with substantive program.
    In cooperation with the Common Wadden Sea Secretariat

Friday 23.04.2010
Place: Harnack House in Berlin-Dahlem
9.00 – 13.00 clock

  • Perspective of the (sustainable) tourism
    Prof. Dr. Hans Ruedi Mueller / University of Bern
  • World Heritage and Tourism. Opportunities for sustainable development
    World heritage and tourism. Chances for sustainable development.
    Event of the World Heritage Wadden Sea Cooperation, Pavilion of the travel and the German Agency for Technical Cooperation / GTZ
  • World Heritage sites: the potential for sustainable tourism. Protection of biodiversity as a result and / or prerequisite for tourism,
    Barbara Engels, BfN
  • Ecosystems as a service for tourism: the benefits for protected areas
    Giulia Carbone, IUCN (tbc)
  • Cooperation between tour operators and World Heritage sites: the expectations and experiences,
    Andreas Müseler / Sabine Hahn, REWE Touristik (tbc)
  • The Wadden Sea and its World Heritage tourist use: opportunities and conflicts, Hans-Ulrich Rösner, WWF
  • Tourism and industrial development on the example of Friesland: a good neighbor to the World Heritage site?
    Sven Ambrosy, district administrator of the county of Friesland (tbc)

Panel Discussion: World heritage – overrated and unchallenged.

  • The demise of Copenhagen:
    As with climate justice and tourism?
    eed Tourism Watch

14.00 – 19.00 clock

  • Development of a common tourism strategy for the German-Dutch Wadden Sea World Heritage [Workshop]
    Common Wadden Sea Secretariat
    Workshop to develop proposals for a tourism strategy with input from the tourism sector, nature conservation agencies and green NGOs.

Presentations by: Harald Marencic / Common Wadden Sea Secretariat Barbara Engels / Federal Agency for Nature, Christian Gätje (Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park), Julia Pulman / Jurassic Coast Marketing Officer, Enno Schmoll / Jade College Destination Management

  • Development of the Wadden Sea World Heritage destination
    Nordsee-Tourismus-Service GmbH and the North Sea Ltd.
    Workshop with tour operators
  • “Tourism to Developing Countries – Climate Killer or Savior of the Poor? “
    Panel discussion with Prof. Wolfgang Strasdas (moderator), Professor Stefan Gossling / Lund University, Andreas Koch / futouris, Burghard Rauschelbach, / GTZ, Tourism Watch / Nature joy International, Gopinath Parayil / The Blue Yonder, India
    Organized by the University of Applied Sciences Eberswalde
  • Sustainable tourism as a future perspective of the former communist countries the example of Ukraine
    Prof. Pavel Petrychenko, Odessa State Economics University, Department of Economics
  • “Tourism Education in times of climate change
    Education for sustainable tourism and industry reality.
    Panel Discussion
    One event was the responsibility of the University of Applied Sciences Eberswalde
  • The future of the travel pavilions
    World Cafe
    International platform for sustainable tourism.
    Travel Pavilion, in cooperation with World Café Europe
  • Ceremony for the 2010 CBD, Indigenous Tourism and Biodiversity Website award
    2 indigenous winners (popular vote and jury) announced, presence of CBD Executive Secretary Dr. Ahmed Djoghlaf, editor of Planeta.com Ron Mader, president of DRV and FAR, GTZ representative and other specialists. English / German.
    Organized by Oliver Hillel, CBD Secretariat
  • Members forum anders reisen [internal event]

Saturday 24/04/2010
Place: Harnack House in Berlin-Dahlem
9.00 – 13.00 clock

  • Destination development as an advisory task
    Content and quality, international experience
    Destination development as consultancy work. Content and quality demand, international experiences
    Cooperative event of DVAG / German Association for Applied Geography, Leisure & Tourism Working Group and the German Agency for Technical Cooperation / GTZ at the invitation
  • Sustainable Children’s and Youth Travel
    Panel Discussion
    Reisepavillon in cooperation with National Children and youth recreation centers Saxony-Anhalt
  • Sustained good Heritage School in the Wadden Sea
    Program modules, planning assistance, and Packages – The offers of the International Wadden Sea School for teachers, instructors and driving schools charge.
    Anja Szczesinski / International Wadden Sea School / IWSS
  • TourCert: promoting corporate responsibility measure
    Cooperative event of Church Development Service / eed, the Fachhochschule Eberswalde, International Friends of Nature / NFI and Kate,
  • Education for sustainable development “
    Fair to stay with a long breath for responsible tourism.
    Church Development Service / eed and Tourism Watch
  • Opportunities and challenges of CSR for sustainable tourism.
    Rolf Pfeifer / travel forum anders

14.00 – 19.00 clock

  • International Children’s Encounter
    Presentation of the study
    Isabelle Krok, Barbara Wink
  • POSTONED – CBD 2010 Indigenous Tourism and Biodiversity Website award:
    Workshop on the Use of Web 2.0 and 3.0 technologies in indigenous tourism, by Ron Mader (editor of Planeta.com). How to use interactive information sharing and social networks to position biodiversity messages and activities as part of your Web-based marketing campaign, using tools such as Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, blogging and wiki. Open to small and medium tour operators, particularly local and indigenous
    Organized by Oliver Hillel, CBD Secretariat
  • Swap gamepad to paddle
    Creative Nature deals away from education for children and youth groups.
    Confederation Kan.utouristik eV / SCD, Association for the Environment and Earth Germany / BUND, masIcontour

Education for sustainable tourism [Workshop]

  • “Required training for consultants and development workers in the tourism industry – which skills are?”
    Nicole Häusler, tourism and organizational consultant: masIcontour / International Center for Responsible Tourism
  • International Center for Responsible Tourism (ICRT) Germany
  • Presentation of the project “Bildungs_Lücke sustainability in tourism”.
    Tourism with a future – Sustainable tourism in the tourism education and training,
    Angelika Krenzer bass and Randy Haubner, biz Bremennachhaltige Development
  • “School of Sustainable Tourism”
  • Development and dissemination of sustainable tourism opportunities in European destinations.

Fish as a natural experience: Tourism Product for sustainable development. Fishing – experience in nature: tourism product for sustainable development.
Organized by the German Society for Technical Cooperation / GTZ

  • Economic and ecological importance of recreational fishing,
    Prof. Dr. Robert Arlinghaus, HU Berlin (tbc)
  • The need for technical guidelines for recreational fisheries in Central Asia,
    Rayman van Anrooy, FAO (tbc)
  • The code of practice for recreational fisheries: chances and limits.
  • What is the role sustainability criteria in the design and marketing
    tourism products for recreational fishermen?

Panel discussion: Responsible Fisheries – cooperation for sustainable development through tourism: What are the next steps?

  • Members forum anders reisen [internal event]
  • BUND – Meeting [internal event]
  • ECOTRANS-Strategy-Meeting [internal event]




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