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Responsible Travel Week 2012


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Responsible Travel Week 2012

Surprises and Highlights in 2012

  • Photo safaris in South Africa and Mexico
  • Live meet-up and livestreaming video from London, England
  • Coverage from This Tourism Week
  • Focus on slow travel from WHL
  • Translation of text into Indonesian, Spanish, Swedish, German, and Estonian
  • Posters were made by participants!!
  • Photo Safari in Mossel Bay
  • Stats: # of views for #RTWeek2012 outpaced #RTWeek2011 (9,000 views for January-February)
  • Facebook: More participants
  • Events: More live events including Cape Town, Mossel Bay, London and Oaxaca

What is Responsible Tourism?
Responsible tourism is treating others the way they wish to be treated. It’s a variation on the platinum rule… it’s also good manners. Put another way courtesy of the 2002 Cape Town Declaration on Responsible Tourism: “responsible tourism creates better places for people to live and better places to visit.” Responsible travel is a must-have in the growing movement that connects visitors and locals.

What are the featured topics?
We are seeking some interesting stories about tourism’s connections to accessibility, biodiversity conservation, indigenous peoples, parks and protected areas and volunteering. Other big questions to be explored are the connections between city and rural environments. Other topics: child protection issues, volunteering in orphanages, tourism certification, public transportation, proper disposal of batteries, recycling. Start documenting the lessons learned. Photos are ideal as are videos, podcasts and blogs. If you don’t have a camera of your own, think about curating pictures via sites like Pinterest.

What are the featured places?
While Responsible Tourism Week takes place online, we will spotlight several places around the world as participants draw attention to critical issues taking place in specific locations. See below for the list of wiki pages that have been updated as a result of Responsible Tourism Week.

How does this event encourage collaboration?
One of the goals of Responsible Tourism Week is to encourage collaboration within local and regional communities. We would like to find ways out of institutional silos and get people to share information in a positive manner. Toward this goal, we’d like to propose that participants be generous in their words of praise and testimonials for others. It’s blue sky thinking, but we’d like to change the finger pointing attitude that has a negative connotation to a means of recommending positive encounters and actions. Keep an eye on our country contest (see below) as we compare how different countries fare when it comes to promoting Responsible Tourism Week and showcasing specific examples of responsible tourism in action.

What is the role of cities and responsible travel?
Responsible travel should be embedded within policies and part of the focus during the unconference will be to create a snapshot of major cities including Cape Town, South Africa; Las Vegas, USA and Oaxaca City, Mexico. This follows up on our work during last year’s Responsible Tourism in Cities Workshop.

Why an unconference?
Simply put, we think participants can organize themselves and the unconference is the ideal approach. Traditional conferences are overly scripted without opportunities to engage one another. We created the Responsible Tourism Week as an inexpensive way to broaden and deepen conversations about travel and tourism. That said, the online unconference approach can be complicated, so Ron will be updating his blog about the week. The point is to explore the social web by using the social web. The past three years Responsible Tourism Week has encouraged everyone to show the practical actions of making tourism beneficial to locals and visitors alike. With citizens seizing the day around the world, we think it’s about time that we organize ourselves in travel and tourism.



Responsible Travel Week

What is responsible travel?

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