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2019 Responsible Travel Week #rtweek19


2019 is  Planeta.com‘s 20th year of innovative, community-driven, online conferencing. We invite friends to join our week-long conversation, Responsible Travel Week, February 11-17.

Events take place around with the world. Locally, there are cool meetups in Las Vegas, southern Nevada and other places to be announced. We encourage others to create and announce their own meetups, workshops, soundwalks and other creative endeavors. Fall in love (again!) with responsible and fabulous travel.

Participation is free and pay what you want. What we mostly desire is engagement – your contributions, comments, upvotes, news of upcoming events, meetups and questions.

Please talk with Ron Mader if you’d like to partner, co-host and participate in this global conference.


  • Live video presentations, recapping 2018 events and previewing 2019 events
  • Digitized videos of past conferences / events relevant to responsible travel
  • Input on new Responsible Travel Award

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What is responsible travel?

Responsible Travel Week

2019 – International Year of Indigenous Languages


Seven Magic Mountains, aka #7magicmountains

Bike Share in Las Vegas #RTCBikeShare

Should we all really fly less? BBC

Since 2000 Planeta.com has hosted dozens of public dialogues about ecotourism, sustainable tourism, conscious travel.



Making the most of an unconference

2019 Calendar

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