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Schedule: Responsible Travel Week #rtweek19


Welcome to Responsible Travel Week 2019, February 11-17.

The schedule will be updated before and during the week. We encourage participants to create your own events, meetups, and workshops locally. Announce these online and we will update this page.

Planeta.com invites readers and friends to our annual Responsible Travel Week, February 11-17. 2019 is the 11th year for Responsible Travel Week (RTWeek) and Planeta.com‘s 20th year of innovative, community-driven, online conferencing. Participation is free and pay what you want.

Google Docs registration is open – https://goo.gl/forms/6ZlloBs4EB9pU9t73. Your responses literally shape the coming week. Specific examples are encouraged. We love to hear about best practices and how to avoid the worst.

If you are keen on Facebook, please register on the Facebook event page – facebook.com/events/436708710162932.


Schedule (Preliminary Version)
Monday – Call for introductions and welcome messages from participants
Facebook audio

Tuesday – Virtual tours and video conversations
Facebook audio

Wednesday – Virtual tours and video conversations

Thursday – Virtual tours and video conversations

Friday – Virtual tours and video conversations

Saturday – Recap

Sunday – Recap


Responsible Travel Week #rtweek19

Challenge: Responsible Travel Week #rtweek19

Readings: Responsible Travel Week #rtweek19

Topics: Responsible Travel Week #rtweek19

Perks and Participants: Responsible Travel Week #rtweek19


What is responsible travel?


Engaging Events

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