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Responsible Travel Week 2020

Poster: Kingman Wash

Please speak with Planeta.com host Ron Mader if you would like to actively participate in this global conversation. Volunteers requested for testing our video chats, first privately and then publicly.

2020 is Planeta.com‘s 21st year of innovative, community-driven, online conferencing. We invite friends to join our free, week-long conversation, Responsible Travel Week, February 10-16.

90% of the conversation takes place online, documenting, previewing and recapping events around the world. 10% happens in the natural world – what you do. There are cool meetups in southern Nevada and other places to be announced.

Online we host real-time videos, Periscopes, Twitter chats, and collaborative editing sessions. Participants are asked to customize their own experiences. Create and announce your own meetups, workshops, soundwalks, and other creative endeavors. Fall in love with responsible, magical, and fabulous travel.

Participation is free and pay what you want. What we mostly desire is meaningful interaction, aka engagement – announcements, creations, comments, retweets, upvotes, stars, and questions. If you have previously contributed to Planeta or worked with Ron Mader or would like to in the future, please use RT Week to introduce yourself and share interests.

Bottom line: The important thing here is to get people doing responsible travel as guests and hosts. We explore how it applies to local communities with the stories you hear and tell.

Perks: What does it take to get meaningful interaction? We will figure this out together.

Registration opens soon.

Key Links
https://planeta.com/rtweek20 (this page)


Digital Literacy Quiz
Digital Literacy Quiz – Figure out how to login, post and respond on major social web channels. This is a week of cyber housekeeping.

Digital Literacy Quiz

How this works
Participants are asked to walk the talk of responsible travel in their own communities and share lessons learned and questions to be asked as comments on this website as well as social web channels, including Facebook, Google Docs, Twitter, YouTube …



Responsible Gaming

Recapping 2019

2019 – International Year of Indigenous Languages



Perks and Participants


Embedded Tweets

Planeta Features

What is responsible travel?

Faces and Places

Responsible Travel Week


Bike Share in Las Vegas

Seven Magic Mountains


  • Live video presentations
  • Recaps of 2019 events and previews of 2020
  • Digitized videos of past conferences / events relevant to responsible travel
  • Input on new Responsible Travel Award

Since 2000 Planeta.com has hosted dozens of public dialogues about ecotourism, sustainable tourism, conscious travel.

Responsible Travel Week is Planeta.com’s annual conference/unconference in which everyone is welcome to preview or recap events, publications, campaigns, and other endeavors related to responsible tourism. We ask how locals and visitors benefit from face-to-face encounters.


Responsible Travel Week

What is responsible travel?


Engaging Events: Connecting the Virtual and Natural Worlds

2020 Calendar

02 • February • Februar

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