In Slack, everything happens on a workspace, a group of people using Slack together.

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Slack at Work

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Apps that work within Slack
Google Drive Get notifications about Google Drive files within Slack
Giphy An online library of animated GIFs
Trello Collaborate on Trello projects without leaving Slack.
Simple Poll Create native and simple polls in Slack.
Dropbox Cloud file storage and syncing
Twitter Bring tweets into Slack.
GitHub Source control and code management.
Google Calendar A shared calendar for your team.
To-do Simple and powerful to-do list and task manager by Workast
Google+ Hangouts Bring your conversations to life with free video calls.

Wikispaces Migration

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Why are workplaces ditching email and using Slack instead?




The Value of Collaboration

Where is the conversation?

Making the most of Twitter

What is the Social Web?

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