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Marketing Local Travel: South Africa

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Marketing Local Travel: South Africa

In May 2013 Planeta.com and This Tourism Week teamed up to present practical social web tips to tourism pros in South Africa.

The venue was a responsible travel conference on the South Coast hosted by Ugu South Coast Tourism. Martin Hatchuel of This Tourism Week presented in person at the event in Umtentweni (Umm-Tin-Tweenie), while Ron Mader of Planeta.com joined the conference in the wee hours of the morning in Americas from his base in Oaxaca (wa-HA-ka), Mexico.

The presentation summarized lessons learned from a series of weekly, unscripted, real-time hangouts conducted online Google+. Highlighting responsible travel practices and the emerging local travel movement, the chats focused on social web tools that local tourism providers (hotels, restaurants, museums, artisans, tour operators, tour guides, and others) are using to build web presence and virtual footprints.

We challenged participants at the Umtentweni event to be creative and generous and to make the most of the social web … and we challenged those not in South Africa to use the social web to learn about this country, to ind local info via Facebook and Google+ pages, Flickr photos, tweets and more and amplify local voices by liking, retweeting, google-plusing (?) and other forms of being generous. Sharing can be caring.

What surprised both Martin and Ron were the adventures of creating the Google hangouts. On this page you’ll find the raw videos that document the week-by-week learning that took place.

May 23: Future of Travel and Tourism</a
June 5: World Environment Day
September 27: World Tourism Day
February Responsible Travel Week

May 22 Review
Buzzwords: Anna Pollock, Benchmark, Catherine Mack, Durban, Don’t Stop with Jam, Firms of Endearment, Horticulturalist, Ireland Green Travel, Mossel Bay, Technical Problems, Tick the boxes, Utantu (?)

Key Words: Atlatl, Culture and advanced technology, paint, strawberries, lanyards
“We are very good at keeping secrets”

April 3:Local Travel (YouTube video)

April 10: Geolocation: What’s so important?
Buzzwords: Alebrije – Archive – Beta – Check In – Claim Your Place – Customize – Flow – Foursquare – Game – Gamification – Geocaching – Geography – Geolocation – Geotag – Google Earth – Google Maps – GPS – Idle Time – Livestreaming – Local – Location – Maps – Nearby – Privacy – Protected Planet – Recommendation – Smart Phone – Stream – Time Sink – Virtual Reality – WTTC

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April 24: Future of Trade Shows and Events




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