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Stroll ‘N’ Roll 2019

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The best things in life are free, family-friendly, and generally include opportunities to walk and bike in a safe environment.

Such is the case for the Henderson, Nevada which hosts its annual Stroll-N-Roll Saturday, November 16. The 4-hour annual event is a spin so the speak on the Ciclovía phenomenon around the globe.

On Stroll-N-Roll Saturday, Henderson transforms the southbound lanes of Paseo Verde Parkway between Henderson Multigenerational Center and Discovery Park into a pedestrian-friendly zone from 10am-2pm.

Take note. This event is part of a series of community-building exercises from the City of Henderson, which has Silver status as Southern Nevada’s Bicycle-Friendly Community. More details on BikeHenderson.org. On Twitter follow .


  • Are drones allowed at Stroll-N-Roll?
  • Will there be bicycle valet service?
  • Will there be bike sales or trades?
  • What other bike events are held in southern Nevada?
  • Is anyone writing or tweeting about Stroll-N-Roll?

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2018 Henderson Stroll-N-Roll

Originally founded in Bogota, Colombia, ciclovias are scheduled events when roads are closed to motorized traffic, allowing the community to enjoy the streets on foot, skates or bicycles. It’s an opportunity to enjoy slow travel locally.

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