New IUCN Report: Guardians of the Amazon Forest

New Report, Guardians of the Amazon Forest published in Spanish by the IUCN. We are reading Los guardianes del bosque amazónico by Martha Coronel Cisneros. Download More info on the IUCN Portal Twitter @UICN_SUR @VisionAmazonica @MinamPeru Hashtag: #ProyectoIAPA Intro by Pedro Gamboa Moquillaza The concept of protected area has evolved over the past 60 …

SOS Acción Ecológica

#SOSAccionEcologica is the hashtag critical of the Ecuadorian government closure of environmental group Accion Ecologica (@AcEcologica). The military oppression of the Shuar continues and is linked to Ecuador’s new dependence on China. This is a developing story. More about Ecuador’s nature and biodiversity on the Planeta Wiki. Twitter Moment Acción Ecólogica SOS