Photo: Melissa Biggs, Teosintle Teocinte is the wild ancestor plant from which corn was domesticated as a crop by the Indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica. Elsewhere on the Web Un recorrido por la historia del teocintle, el antepasado del maíz Biodiversidad.gob.mx Videos Wikipedia Zea perennis Zea Planeta.com Corn = Maíz = Conabio Wild Mexico (México Silvestre)

Culinary Tourism

Buzzwords Culinary tourism = the pursuit of unique and memorable eating and drinking experiences A growing area of culinary tourism are cooking classes and visits with favorite local cooks. Planeta.com We are hungry for new ideas about culinary tourism options. What are your favorite guided and self-guided tours / routes / fairs / experiences? To …

Coconut Oil

Photo: Coconuts Coconut oil = the fatty oil obtained from the coconut and used in candies and confections and in cosmetics Coconut Oil and Dogs Coconut Oil for Dogs Is Coconut Oil Good for Dogs? Wikipedia Coconut Planeta.com Coconuts Food, Health, and Cultivating Communities Fruit Health Dogs

Cheese = Queso

Photo: Goat Cheese in Oaxaca Blessed are the cheesemakers. – Life of Brian Cheese = Food made from the pressed curds of milk Features The Best Places in the World to Vacation If You Love Cheese Follow the Cheese Trail http://www.wordspy.com/index.php?word=goat-cheese-curtain Recommended Listening The Microbiology of Cheese YouTube Embedded Tweets Living the dream, my friends. …


Photo: Irene’s food and drink from Teotitlán del Valle Atole = Traditional corn-based beverage of Mesoamerican origin. The word comes from Nahuatl ātōlli Varieties Atole Blanco Atole Simple Granillo Chileatole Headlines Verde que te quiero verde: El chileatole – Animal Gourmet Embedded Tweets No te pierdas la Cuarta Feria del Atole de Espuma 2019, en …


Buzzwords Vegan = using or containing no animal products Elsewhere on the Web Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose. – Vegan Society https://www.happycow.net Questions How is a vegan diet …


Buzzwords Matpakke = Norwegian packed lunch Headlines The Norwegian art of the packed lunch ‘matpakke’ – BBC Video Wikipedia Packed lunch Planeta.com Food, Health, and Cultivating Communities Norway