Ayuuk Vocabulary from Santa María Ocotepec

Here are key Mixe (Ayuuk) words and phrases used in Santa María Ocotepec and translated in Spanish and English. The Ayuuk and Spanish translations are courtesy of Engracia Perez Castro and Rodrigo Martínez Vásquez who sell crafts at the La Cosecha Market in Oaxaca de Juárez. Mixe Español English nëë agua water poj aire air naax tierra …

February 21 is International Mother Language Day

Poster: Ron Mader, International Mother Language Day = Dia Internacional de la Lengua Materna February 21 is International Mother Language Day declared by UNESCO in 1999 to celebrated linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. Events, workshops and even tweets on this date promote awareness. Hashtags: #imld17, #dilm17, #LenguaMaterna UNESCO: “Languages are the most powerful instruments …

Sámi National Day

Sámi National Day is February 6, which is celebrated in memory of the first Sámi congress in Trondheim in 1917. Sámi is used to name the Lappish people, the indigenous population of Sápmi (northern Norway, Sweden, Finland and Kola peninsula in Russia). Twitter Moment Sámi National Day Sámi Flag The joint flag dates back to …


Image: Flood Myth by Jose Benitez Sanchez The Huichol or Wixáritari are Native Americans, living in the Sierra Madre Occidental range in the Mexican states of Nayarit, Jalisco, Zacatecas, and Durango. Wiki Huichol Planeta.com Nayarit Indigenous Peoples Restoration of the Wixárika Worldview


Photo: Zapotec signs Zapotecs are an Indigenous group in Oaxaca with an incredible breadth and depth of culture. There are about 100 variations of the language. This page feature working notes on Zapotec culture, including language, traditional dance and food. Wiki Zapotec Planeta.com Oaxaca Teotitlán del Valle

Māori Language Week / Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2018

Poster New Zealand – Māori Language Week, te wiki o te reo Māori, is a government-sponsored initiative promoting the use of Māori language, one of the three official national languages of the country (Māori, English and New Zealand Sign Language). The week is part of the broader Māori language revival and raises public awareness for Māori …

SOS Acción Ecológica

#SOSAccionEcologica is the hashtag critical of the Ecuadorian government closure of environmental group Accion Ecologica (@AcEcologica). The military oppression of the Shuar continues and is linked to Ecuador’s new dependence on China. This is a developing story. More about Ecuador’s nature and biodiversity on the Planeta Wiki. Twitter Moment Acción Ecólogica SOS