Photo: Cuernavaca Looking for a reason to visit Morelos? As always, it’s about food, nature and people. This is the birthplace of Emiliano Zapata. Geography – Morelos is bordered by the states of México to the northeast and northwest, Puebla to the east and Guerrero to the southwest. Embedded Tweets Es Morelos opción para el …

Caribbean Baseball Series 2017

Caribbean Baseball Series comes to the edge of the Sonoran Desert February 1-7, 2017. All eyes on Culiacán, Sinaloa! Webcast via Rasa Deportes Key Links Twitter Moment Caribbean Series Baseball

New Address for Oaxaca’s Pochote Xochimilco Market

Photo: Pochote Xochimilco, Facebook Oaxaca City – Breaking news from Oaxaca’s Pochote Xochimilco Proyecto Agroecologico y Artesanal. Starting today (Friday, January 13), the market opens its doors at a new location: Calle Marcos Pérez #217, Colonia Centro (between Crespo y Joaquin Amaro). Google Map We have a long relationship with our friends (vendors and clients) at the …

#ViajemosTodosPorMéxico (Let’s travel all over Mexico)

Photo: Ron Mader, Dulces de Oaxaca Armchair travelers and visitors to México, check out the inspired tweets with the hashtag: #ViajemosTodosPorMéxico used by Mexican tourism officials to promote travel in Mexico. ” “Viajemos Todos Por México”” translates as “Let’s travel all over Mexico.” #ViajemosTodosPorMéxico Tweets #MexicoNow from ron mader


The Pacific coast town of Mazunte is famous for its sea turtles and recommended for chilling out. First the turtles. Thousands of Olive Ridley (Lepidochelys) turtles arrive en masse to lay their eggs in nearby Escobilla Bay. The nesting season usually begins in May and lasts for several months. Although an endangered species, the turtles …

Banco Chinchorro Biosphere Reserve

Photo: SEMARNAT, Chinchorro Located at the southeastern tip of the Yucatán Peninsula, Banco Chinchorro Biosphere Reserve encompasses more than 144,000 hectares of coral reefs, mangroves, beds of sea grass beds and sand beaches. Banco Chinchorro is the largest platform type reef complex system in Mexico and because of its isolated position, it represents well-preserved natural …

Mexico’s National Parks on Streetview

Explore Mexico’s national parks via #StreetView Twitter Shoutout:@CONANP_mx @googlemexico @SEMARNAT_mx @Conabio Embedded Tweets La #CONANP y @googlemexico lanzaron la Colección de Google #StreetView de #ANP de #México: #RecuentoCONANP2016 — CONANP (@CONANP_mx) January 1, 2017 #MexicoNow from ron mader


Photo: Comisión Mexicana de Filmaciones, El Sabinal Aguascalientes is bordered by the states of Zacatecas to the north and Jalisco to the south. Its name means “hot waters” in Spanish and originated from the abundance of hot springs in the area. Wikipedia Aguascalientes Aguascalientes City Aguascalientes Links México Mexico States

Cancún Declaration (Text)

CANCUN DECLARATION ON MAINSTREAMING THE CONSERVATION AND SUSTAINABLE USE OF BIODIVERSITY FOR WELL-BEING Source: CBD We, the ministers and other heads of delegation, having met on the occasion of the United Nations Biodiversity Conference, Cancun, Mexico, 2016 1, on 2 and 3 December, DECLARE THAT: 1. It is essential to live in harmony with nature …