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Quantum Mechanics

Buzzwords Quantum Mechanics = the branch of mechanics that deals with the mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles, incorporating the concepts of quantization of energy, wave-particle duality, the uncertainty principle, and the correspondence principle. Headlines Recommended Listening Wikipedia John_Archibald_Wheeler Physics Quantum Physics Quantum Tunneling Carlo Rovelli

Carlo Rovelli

Photo: Fronteiras do Pensamento Carlo Rovelli is an Italian theoretical physicist. His popular-science book, Seven Brief Lessons on Physics, has been translated into 41 languages and has sold over a million copies worldwide. Seven Brief Lessons on Physics These seven short lessons guide us, with simplicity and clarity, through the scientific revolution that …


Buzzwords Physics = the branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy. The subject matter of physics, distinguished from that of chemistry and biology, includes mechanics, heat, light and other radiation, sound, electricity, magnetism, and the structure of atoms. Headlines Your Smartphone Can Do Physics Vocabulary Proton Quantum Quark …


Buzzwords Quantum = a discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the radiation it represents. Embedded Tweets A calculation that would take the world’s current-best classical supercomputer 10,000 years to execute was finished in minutes by a quantum computer — The Economist (@TheEconomist) September 28, 2019 Physics Quantum Mechanics …