Air Pollution

Buzzwords Air Pollution = mixture of solid particles and gases in the air Elsewhere on the Web UNEP Headlines Features Why monitor air quality? Apps The 3 best apps to monitor air pollution USA Nevada Air Quality Monitoring in Clark County USA Parks Polluted Parks: How America is Failing to …

Poisoned Cities, Deadly Border

Poster Recommended Reading: Poisoned Cities, Deadly Border Part 1: Along the U.S.-Mexico border, in an area called Mexicali, the air is killing people. Part 2: This is how a river along the U.S.-Mexico border became a toxic waste dumping ground. Part 3: This city’s factories make stuff Americans buy. But its people pay a heavy …


Buzzwords Pollution = the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that cause adverse change Examples Air Pollution Noise Pollution Nature Carbon Emissions Carbon Footprint Litter

Noise Pollution

Buzzwords Noise Pollution = harmful or annoying levels of noise Recommended Listening It’s official: noise pollution is bad for our health – New WHO guidelines say policy makers and urban planners need to reduce the noise in our environment, so we can all be healthier. Listen Noise World Listening Day