Logo Among our favorite communication apps – Skype — — first released in 2003, making quite the leap forward with phone calls. Skype to Skype calls are free – but to call a mobile or landline from Skype, you need a little Skype Credit or a subscription. The price you pay depends on the …

Livestreaming and archived video

Poster This page is a special shoutout to those attempting live and recorded video from the event organizers, educators, tour guides, artisans, academics, and others featured and linked from Live news disasters receive around-the-clock video coverage on multiple channels. Example: this week’s burning of Notre Dame Cathedral. What will we see in a few …


Poster: Are you hangoutable? = ¿Estás hangoutable? Hangout = To relax completely in an unassuming way. Also a Google term for a live video conversation, private or public, aka hangout on air. Before we get to the technical definition and how-to guide, focus on the relax part. You’re in a hammock or stretched out in a lounge …

Viewing Party

Buzzwords Viewing Party = Reception for shared watching of a live video Elsewhere on the Web where-to-watch-the-ncaa-tournament-in-las-vegas Embedded Tweets Hey #vegas @GoldenKnights fans. We are hosting a watch party for game 4 of the playoff series on Wed. night at the Henderson Pavillion, 200 S. Green Valley Pkwy. Come out dressed in your Knights gear …


Logo YouTube – –  is a video-sharing website, created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005 and owned by Google since late 2006, on which users can upload, view and share videos. Key Links


Buzzwords 8k = 8K resolution refers to any screen or display with around 8000 pixels width 8K UHD is the current highest ultra high definition television (UHDTV) resolution in digital television and digital cinematography. 4k UHD is here to stay. Wikipedia 8K Resolution TV Video 4k Consumer Electronics Show 2019 Technology


Logo Livestream – – is a video live streaming platform that allows customers to broadcast live video content using a camera and a computer through the Internet, and viewers to play the content via the web, iOS, Android, Roku, and the Apple TV. Key Links 2019 Faves i-filmscience Misc NASA’s future …

Australia’s Four Corners

Logo Australia – Since 1961, Four Corners – – has been exposing scandals, triggering inquiries, firing debate and confronting taboos. Excellence in journalism and film-making has earned international recognition, winning 44 Walkley Awards, 16 Logies and an array of other international awards. Take a look at the best journalism from the 50th anniversary special …

On Demand

Buzzwords On Demand = as soon as or whenever required Translating Where would you like to begin watching? = ¿Dónde te gustaría empezar a mirar? Immediate Now Livestreaming and archived video Public Facing Video


Buzzwords 4K resolution, also called 4K, refers to a horizontal resolution in the order of 4,000 pixels. Several 4K resolutions exist in the fields of digital television and digital cinematography. … In the movie projection industry, Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) is the dominant 4K standard. – Wikipedia Videos TV Video 8k