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We will:

Inform public debate with knowledge-based journalism that is responsible, ethical and supported by evidence.
Unlock the knowledge of researchers and academics to provide the public with clarity and insight into society’s biggest problems.
Create an open site for people around the world to share best practices and collaborate on developing smart, sustainable solutions.
Provide a fact-based and editorially independent forum, free of commercial or political bias.
Support and foster academic freedom to conduct research, teach, write and publish.

Ensure the site’s integrity by only obtaining non-partisan sponsorship from education, government and private partners. Any advertising will be relevant and non-obtrusive.
Protect editorial freedom in all commercial agreements.
Ensure quality, diverse and intelligible content reaches the widest possible audience by employing experienced editors to curate the site.
Set the standard in journalism best practice. Be open, transparent and accountable. Where errors occur correct them expeditiously.
Work with our academic, business and government partners and our advisory board to ensure we are operating for the public good.

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