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Updating our bibliography of tourism books. Newer books to be added soon.

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Free Downloads (PDF)
Responsible Travel Handbook, 2006
– This anthology focuses on responsible tourism around the globe and was prepared by the editors of Transitions Abroad. Free download as PDF (2 megs)

Communication and Sustainable Tourism, 2006
– The summary is now available from the 2006 Communication and Sustainable Tourism E-Conference.

/planeta/06/0606communication3.html”>Planeta Review< Guidebooks
Catherine Mack and Laura Burgess
Ecoescape Ireland, Markham Publishing, 2008 (208 pages)
– Brand new guide to Ireland!

Beatrice Blake
The New Key to Costa Rica, Ulysses Press, 2009 (507 pages, $19.95)
– One of our all-time favorite books now enters its 18th edition. The classic eco guidebook highlights environmental conservation, biodiversity, cultural heritage and responsible tourism. The current edition highlights agrotourism, community-based tourism and conservation efforts in Costa Rica’s rural countryside.

Carol Patterson
Reinventure: How Travel Adventure Can Change Your Life
Author website
Author blog

Dan Shilling
Civic Tourism, Sharlot Hall Museum Press, Arizona, 2007 (118 pages)

Carol Patterson
The Business of Ecotourism, Trafford Publishing, 2007, 232 pages
– Third edition! This is a recommended ‘how to’ business handbook that addresses practical strategies for ecolodge and service developers. Learn how to succeed without compromising environmental principles.
Author website


Leo Hickman
The Final Call, Guardian Books, 2007 (400 pages, $37.95)
– “In search of the true cost of our holidays”
Q&A with Leo Hickman – Guardian
What impact do our holidays have on the world?- Leo Hickman/The Guardian
Author website

Carl and Erlet Cater
Marine Ecotourism: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, CABI, 2007 (307 pages, $110.00)
– This book covers economic, marketing, planning and regulation issues and considers the role marine ecotourism plays in raising awareness of the significance of seas and oceans to sustanable coastal livelihoods.

Sue Beeton
Community Development for Tourism, Landlinks, 2006 (246 pages, $49.95)
– This book examines the integration of local communities and tourism development. Its highlights the value of strategic planning and community empowerment. Case studies document how things work around the world. The author also wrote Film-Induced Tourism.

Mark Mann
The Gringo Trail, Summersdale Publishing, 1999
– Funny, devastating, clever, The Gringo Trail is a riotous mix of humor and scandal. It documents the travels of three Brits who go to South America for different reasons. Could be a good movie!
Top 10 Travel Books – Transitions Abroad
Interview – Three Monkey< William Least Heat-Moon
Blue Highways, Back Bay Books, 1999
– A masterpiece of travel writing, this book journeys along the backroads of the United States. The author says he wanted get to know the little towns and he recalls the extraordinary people who helped guide him toward a a greater sense of place.
Top 10 Travel Books – Transitions Abroad

Sue Beeton
Film-Induced Tourism, Channel View Publications, 2005 (270 pages, $59.95)
– This book analyzes how films change our perception of place and is the first definitive work about film-based tourism. Highly recommended. The author also wrote Community Development for Tourism.

Polly Pattullo
Last Resorts: The Cost of Tourism in the Caribbean, Cassell, 1996
– Tropical paradise might be a victim of its own success. This book reviews the social and environmental impacts of tourism industry and explores how to bring greater benefits to the region. Whether Caribbean society is turned into entertainment spectacle or given new respect depends on creating more positive interactions among locals and travelers.
Author website
Top 10 Travel Books – Transitions Abroad

Mark Bonta
Seven Names for the Bellbird: Conservation Geography in Honduras, Texas A&M University press, 2003

Michael Luck and Torsten Kirstges
Global Ecotourism Policies and Case Studies, Channel View Publications, 2002
Academic anthology that introduces case studies from different parts of the world and illustrates chances and constraints associated with the implementation of ecotourism concepts.

Melanie K. Smith and Mike Robinson
Cultural Tourism in a Changing World, Channel View, 2006 (303 pages, $47.95)
– This anthology introduces the political and social implications of cultural tourism in a changing world. The book focuses on interpretation, authenticity and commodification, community participation and politics and cultural policy.

Shela Agarwal and Gareth Shaw
Managing Coastal Tourism Resorts, Channel View, 2007 (288 pages, $49.95)

David Timothy Duval
Tourism and Transport: Modes, Networks and Flows, Channel View, 2007 (327 pages, $99.95)

C. Michael Hall, editor
Pro-poor tourism: Who benefits?, Channel View, 2007 (176 pages, $69.95)
– Perspectives on tourism and poverty reduction

Polly Patullo and Orely Minelli
Ethical Travel Guide, Earthscan, 2006 (320 pages, $22.50)
– Ethical Travel Guide features local providers in 60+ countries and international operators.
Tourism Concern

David A. Fennell
Tourism Ethics, Channel View Publications, 2005 (416 pages, $49.95)
– This book presents a wide selection of readings, anecdotes and case studies. From the ethics of tipping to community participation, Tourism Ethics is highly recommended.

Deborah McLaren
Rethinking Tourism and Ecotravel: The Paving of Paradise and How You Can Stop It, Kumarian Press, 2003
– Second edition! Excellent overview of the pros and cons of tourism as seen from the perspective of indigenous people. A must-read.
Author website

Robert Keller and Michael Turek
American Indians and National Parks, University of Arizona Press, 2001
– One of the most influential books this year, this work examines the relationship of parks and Indian cultures. Remarkably, this story has not been well told — until now. The authors point out that “one can find thousands of books about American Indians, a considerable body of literature about natural parks, but almost nothing linking the two.” The book draws on extensive research and more than 200 interviews with Native Americans, environmentalists, park rangers and politicians. It also asks important questions such as what are the obligations owed to those displaced by park creation and do Aboriginal people have particular rights to their homelands?

Pierre Van Den Berghe
The Quest for the Other, University of Washington Press, 1994
– “Ethnic tourism” in Chiapas comes under scrutiny in this well-written tome by anthropologist Van Den Berghe. San Cristóbal has long been one of the hotspots on the “Gringo Trail” but never has one book attempted to explore the impact with much depth. Published the same year as the Zapatista Uprising, the book could use an update, but as is, it’s an enlightening and engrossing tale.

Tony Wheeler
Bad Lands, Lonely Planet, 2007, (327 pages, $14.99)
– The founder of Lonely Planet recounts travels in some of the most dangerous countries in the world.

Anacristina Rossi
La Loca de Gandoca (The Crazy Woman from Gandoca), Educa Publications, 1999
– This Spanish-language novel is a mediation on the dangers of tourism development masquerading as ecotourism. Set in rural Costa Rica, the book attacks sham ecotourism as well as government and NGO bureaucrats reluctant to take a stand. Funny, sad, savvy and highly-recommended.
Top 10 Travel Books – Transitions Abroad

Jorge Chávez de la Peña
Ecoturismo TAP, Editorial Trillas, 2004 (138 pages)
– Analysis of environmental tourism planning within Mexico. The book also includes a review of international tourism charters and declarations.

Carol Patterson
The Business of Ecotourism, Trafford Publishing, 2007, 232 pages
– Third edition! This is a recommended ‘how to’ business handbook that addresses practical strategies for ecolodge and service developers. Learn how to succeed without compromising environmental principles. Includes CD and is available in a teacher’s edition

Herbert Hiller
Highway A1A , University Press of Florida, 2005 (445 pages, $24.95)
– One of our favorite writers details the ongoing transformation of Florida at the Edge


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