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Travindyhttp://www.travindy.com – started life in 2013 as responsibletourismnews.com, a website launched by Berlin-based tourism consultant Anula Galewska.

Around the same time, London-based sustainable tourism writer Jeremy Smith was coming up against exactly the same problem. So when he discovered what Anula was doing in 2014, he suggested they collaborate.

In May 2015, responsibletourismnews.com was relaunched as Travindy. The site introduced media and industry partnerships. The site includes a calendar.

Key Links

Historic 5-country biosphere reserve UNESCO nomination
UNWTO report finds little commitment to sustainability in most national tourism policies
New report looks to engage travellers and take sustainable tourism mainstream
WTM Responsible Tourism Programme – Day 1 round up



Responsible Tourism Day

Responsible Travel Week

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