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Making the most of Twitter

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Soy los tuits que he leído (I am the tweets I have read)

May 2018 News: Keeping your account secure

When you set a password for your Twitter account, we use technology that masks it so no one at the company can see it. We recently identified a bug that stored passwords unmasked in an internal log. We have fixed the bug, and our investigation shows no indication of breach or misuse by anyone.

Out of an abundance of caution, we ask that you consider changing your password on all services where you’ve used this password.

Official spin: Twitter — https://twitter.com — helps you follow your interests with instant updates from your friends, industry experts and breaking news from around the world.

Our take: Twitter is a global poetry slam. Say something brilliant or quote someone wise. You can tweet your own horn or remix the work of others. Please remember to be generous in your interaction with others. If you are not favoriting and retweeting others, you’re not making the most of this social web channel.

This page explores the Twitterverse with an Inside Baseball perspective. We are seeking examples of good practices around the globe. Comments welcome.

Core skills (Adventures in Digital Literacy!)

Key Links

Artwork / Cue Yourself
Levels of Engagement on Twitter (2017)

Do you manage more than one Twitter account? = ¿Administras más de una cuenta de Twitter?

“Twitter is where you make connections with many people you don’t know but have lots in common with”@RichardMcLellan

Embedded Tweets

Responsible Travel Week Twitter Moment



What is the Social Web?

Responsible Travel Week #rtweek18

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