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House Committee on Natural Resources

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House Committee on Natural Resources

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The House Committee on Natural Resources considers legislation and oversees federal conservation and species protection programs under the leadership of Chairman Raúl M.Grijalva.

The Committee’s responsibilities include the following:
Energy and Mineral Resources

  • Monitoring the development of oil and gas onshore and offshore
  • Establishing renewable energy sources – solar, wind, geothermal, and ocean energy
  • Overseeing coal and hardrock mining regulations
  • Ensuring a fair return for the American people for energy & mineral development

National Parks Forests and Public Lands

  • Enhancing America’s National Parks
  • Protecting wilderness and conservation sites
  • Fostering opportunities for hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation
  • Developing environmental regulation and public participation

Water, Oceans, and Wildlife

  • Protecting our oceans, coasts and vulnerable sea life from pollution, climate change, and other threats
  • Growing sustainable fisheries and resilient coastal and ocean economies
  • Creating new water supplies to aid communities affected by the drought
  • Securing water supply certainty for tribal communities
  • Preparing communities for climate-change impacts on water supplies
  • Conserving and recovering American species and their habitats
  • Protecting our ecosystems and growing the outdoor recreation economy
  • Enhancing international wildlife conservation efforts
  • National wildlife refuges

Indigenous Peoples of the United States

  • Protecting tribal sovereignty authority over lands and natural resources
  • Empowering tribal governments with enhanced self-governance authorities
  • Fostering political and economic development of the insular areas
  • Continuing efforts to advance economic self-sufficiency of the Freely Associated States

Oversight And Investigations

  • Administering congressional oversight
  • Evaluating the committee’s efforts to ensure effective management of our limited natural resources
  • Ensuring policies are grounded in science that is free of financial conflicts of interest


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