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Las Vegas Community Healing Garden


The Las Vegas community has come together to build a new community healing garden as a prompt and thoughtful response to 2017’s Oct. 1 tragedy, when a lone gunman massacred 58 individuals and injured 526 more who were attending a music festival.

Stonerose Landscapes principals Jay Pleggenkuhle and Daniel Perez designed a memorial garden constructed on city of Las Vegas property at 1015 South Casino Center Boulevard. The garden features a wall of remembrance, a grove of trees, shrubs, flowers, walkways of pavers and benches – all to create something beautiful out of something horrific.

“This is a community garden created by the community, for the community, to heal the community, Pleggenkuhle said. “The amazing thing about this project is that everything is donated.”

This garden park was completed in a matter of days days, in time for a ribbon-cutting at Friday, Oct. 6, with Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman, Ward 3 Councilman Bob Coffin, and those who contributed and participated.

Hashtag: #Hearts4Vegas

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