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Las Vegas – Who to follow on Twitter?

For a storied town that receives more than 30 million visitors each year, there are a lot of informative and timely tweets covering everything from road closures to bar openings and sports scores from the local stadiums and arenas.

Some faves (updated 12.2017)

Local Voices
@LasVegasLocally – tweets and retweets from a diverse and very local Las Vegas

@VitalVegasvitalvegas.com – tracks what’s new in Las Vegas signage. Humor, drones, video poker, breaking tweets. What’s not to like?

@AuthenticVegas – Critical thinker and cocktailist James P. Reza

@7Vegas – Once a dead-tree weekly, now 24/7 digital http://vegasseven.com

@unlvgaming – Timely reports from UNLV’s Center for Gaming Research, located in University Libraries

@DrDave702 – One of the city’s most skilled writers and historian, also the head of @unlvgaming

@CityofLasVegas – Timely news from the city https://www.lasvegasnevada.gov

@ClarkCountyNV – “Jurisdiction over Las #Vegas Strip.Home to 2.2M. Visited by 46.2M/yr. Ours is 14th-largest US county, an area the size of New Jersey.” http://www.clarkcountynv.gov

@NWSVegas – Weather forecasts and infographics  http://www.weather.gov/vef

Savvy politicians: @tsegerblom

@CCWetlandsPark – Surprise your friends with a trip to the Clark County Wetlands Park

@LVSportsBiz – The rise of sports town Las Vegas is well chronicled online http://lvsportsbiz.com

@GoldenKnights – The newest NHL hockey team has one of the best new Twitter accounts in the country. 

These are just a few of our favorites. For more goodness, check out the Las Vegas Twitter List

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