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A Journey Through the South of Mexico, Where Craftsmanship Meets Colorful Style

After a long day of crafting her wares of red clay, or barro rojo, Macrina, one of the head artisans in this remote Zapotec village inhabited strictly by women in Oaxaca’s Central Valleys, enjoys a moment of respite in her studio. She is the latest in a succession of over 12 generations of women working in this traditional craft, and the methods haven’t changed. Over the course of the day, she had let me look over every part of her process, starting with the hardened red clay dug up by hand in the nearby mountains, to the hand-forming, burnishing, and baking of the ceramics. Her finished pieces were stored here, and she shared her many fabulous creations with me with a beaming sense of pride and calm command of the room.

Sustainability Is the Most Pressing Issue Facing Fashion—And It’s Only Getting Harder
The food industry has successfully convinced us that healthier, better, organic food is worth the extra cost. Why hasn’t the same thing happened in fashion? We’re living in a moment when aesthetics and taste and personal style are tantamount to affluence, yet we expect to get there by spending a handful of bills.

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