What’s a webinar? =  ¿Qué es un webinar?

A webinar is a seminar conducted on the web, aka web seminar. They can vary in style and substance, but all are hosted by a specific individual or institution and feature a set agenda.

Personally, I thought webinars were synonymous with Google Hangouts. There was a major change a while back and what was simple is not complicated or non-intuitive. That said, we’re figuring it out.

How to Host a Hangout on Air (05.2017)
1) Go to create a live event and add basic info and adjust advanced settings
On this page, make sure that ‘Quick using Google Hangouts on Air’ is chosen
2) Click ‘Go Live’ which opens a second screen that lets you set up the hangout. You will be able to invite others to participate on camera. Participants each have the screenshare option if you want to show slides, websites, movies
3) When you are ready, you can start the webcast. It will take a few seconds to start
4) After the hangout, you can return to your Creator Studio –
https://www.youtube.com/dashboard?o=U – and edit the video, trimming the start or end
Comments: I’m having problems with scheduling hangouts in the future. I’m not sure if there’s an easy way to share the web link once the video goes live. That said, as a platform for recorded conversations, presentations and webinars, this option offers a lot. – Ron

Parks and Tourism Webinar: Improving Communication on the Social Web #rtyear2012

April 7 Panorama Webinar: Protected Area Tourism Solutions #PanoramaWebinar @IUCN @IUCNTourism @IUCN_CEC @IUCN_PA @SueSnyman

April 14 Reframing Sustainable Tourism Hangout




Livestreaming and archived video



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